Our Intention

Joy - AlchemyState of the Heart is heart-centred in both product and culture.

We offer a unique collection of luxury garments that are thoughtfully and sustainably produced. We are also pioneers in creating products designed to enhance a sense of well-being and raise one’s vibration; they are inherently imbued with positive energy. Our culture is one of purpose and integrity, which is mindful of its responsibility to planet, community and each person’s own individual path.

We utilise the highest quality base products possible and meld them together, by hand in our studio in London, with great care and attention to detail. We harness the beneficial qualities of 22ct gold, sterling silver and pure copper and combine it with sacred geometry and crushed amethyst; our intention is solely to enhance your life experience and journey, which cannot help but impact on the greater community on Earth.

One popular viewpoint is that over time our thoughts can become stuck, blocking our flow of energy or ‘chi’, closing us off from our dreams and sometimes ‘shutting down’ our heart chakra. This can have a serious impact on our health, on several levels.

We consciously intend that these tees;

a. Nurture and reignite our hearts, so encouraging greater compassion, both for others and ourselves.
b. Realign our balance and harmony, so extending hope.
c. Reconnect us with the Source, so enabling greater trust.
d. Shield us from the stress of the current energetic climate, so regaining inner peace.

They have the potential to unravel and dissolve the stuck thoughts, increase the flow of positive energy and reverse the symptoms of illness, giving freedom to move forward with confidence. They may also contribute to a stronger sense of identity and purpose.

These are powerful tools of transformation; investment pieces that will evolve and change organically over time, much like ourselves! We believe they will enable individuals to actively create their most desired view of their individual and collective world.

It’s all about the flow of Love!