Group Inspiration Shot

This is a totally unique concept, in many ways: Heart-centred magic t-shirts to assist your journey!

We have developed a way to apply the healing benefits of gold, silver and copper, plus amethyst onto a flexible, absorbent material, in the form of a t-shirt….and make it machine washable! This is no mean feat and has a patent pending!

We offer sustainably produced heart-centred t-shirts to help you:

• Regain and maintain your connection
• Deflect negativity; perfect for empaths in urban environments
• Clear the fog and the chatter, increasing awareness
• Restore clarity, confidence and harmony.

The tees are in two key groups;

The Inspiration tee, which is fashion-led with slogans printed in great graphics. When combined with hidden positive affirmations, you can consciously set your intentions for an enhanced day, gifting the potential of a different outcome.

Inspiration: Alchemy – These are hand-printed and gilded in 22ct gold, pure silver and copper; a complicated process for which we have a patent pending. There are well-known, special healing qualities to these metals, which we have carefully and lovingly applied to the garments.

• Inspiration: Growth for both men and women. We have also developed bright, playful versions of the affirmations in vibrant images of nature

The Sacred Geometry range, comprising phi ratio, spirals, hearts, and circles. (available in men’s and women’s). These symbols are enlivened with 22ct gold, pure silver, copper and crushed amethyst crystal.

The t-shirt is deliberately generic, with simplified colour palette, in order to make this energy more accessible to a greater number of people. Chosen for their sustainability and flattering cut, we applied our technical mastery to make them gentle tools for transformation. Please see our endorsements if still in doubt.

If you’ve been asking for help…. here it is.